A Bit About Me

I started this site while working on my Bachelor's degree in IT with the University of Phoenix Online (UOPHX). This site started out as a UOPHX class project but now it is my personal site. After finishing the BS/IT degree, I went on to complete a Master's in Computer Information Systems, also with UOPHX.  It sure isn't the cheapest way to a degree but it works for people like me that are always moving.   

I come from a military background, 17+ years as an Air Force dependent and almost 24 years in the Air Force. So, in my life, I have lived in some faraway places like:

The majority of my stateside experience has been in Oklahoma but I have lived in Colorado, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida and even Texas.

My technical background before 1991 was in telecommunications systems, as a computer-communications systems controller, in which I hold an associates degree. Since the Gulf War though, I have been in LAN management, mostly working on the server aspect. I held a number of certifications in network related stuff, like Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Master Certified Novell Engineer and Certified Cisco Network Associate. A couple of years ago I was even a certified Access programmer, though I have never claimed to be a professional programmer.

Today I am a high school teacher that teaches classes on Computer Science, Webmastering and Internet Technology.